Q: How will the money I contribute to the NJP be spent?

A: What you contribute to the NJP as a Supporter will go directly to hosting our mass meetings, organizing our volunteers, compensating our staff, producing media and propaganda, providing legal cover for our activists and meeting our general operating expenses. None of us are in this for personal enrichment and we give you our solemn promise every dollar you contribute will go towards furthering the mission of the NJP.

Q: What if I have already donated to the NJP in the past? Can I still get the benefits of being a Supporter?

A: Many people have contributed to the NJP for the first two years of our existence and we could not have made it this far without them. Part of why we are launching our Supporter Platform is to create a broader support base, so the entire burden doesn’t just fall on the handful of idealists who have been generous enough to contribute in the past. However, for the purposes of fairness, all the benefits of being a part of our Supporter platform will start fresh in August 2022 going forward.

Q: Will I need to provide any personally identifiable information to the NJP in order to sign up to become a Supporter?

A: No, the only information we need is a username and an email address for you to sign up as a Supporter. We take payments through crypto, money orders or in person payments at live events. The only time we need an address is if you want to receive your Supporter Badge or printed card through the mail, which is optional. We take the privacy and security of all our Supporters extremely seriously.

Q: Will my subscription to the supporter platform automatically renew?

A: No. Unfortunately, due to financial censorship, we do not have access to easily renewing credit card transactions, and thus must ask our supporters to take the extra step of mailing us a check or money order, or of sending us cryptocurrency. As a result, you are responsible for maintaining your subscription manually. For this reason we recommend signing up for multiple months at a time, or an entire year.

Q: What if I am already a subscriber to TRS?

A: If you are already a subscriber to the TRS network, we will simply extend your subscription for as many months as you subscribe to the NJP Supporter Platform. For example, if you have a TRS sub with one month remaining, and you subscribe to the Supporter Platform for 3 months, your TRS sub will be extend by 3 months and will expire in 4 months, rather than one. You can make this process go faster and easier if you use the same email address for the Supporter Platform that you use for your TRS account.

Q: When and how will I receive my TRS subscription?

A:This process is automated, but allow up to 48 hours after we receive your funds. You should receive an email you when your TRS account is set up (if you don’t see it, check your spam folder).

Q: Can I still come to the meetings if I’m not a Supporter?

A: Yes. As long as you pass vetting, you can attend one of our mass meetings without being a Supporter. You will need to pay a cover charge at the door.

Q: How do I get vetted?

A: You can send us a message via our contact page select and “Vetting Request” in the subject line. Alternatively, once you have completed your subscription to the supporters platform, you can complete the form on the My Account page under Vetting Request Form for Supporters for expedited review! Either way you will receive a personal response acknowledging that we have received your request within a few days. We will then work with you to schedule a chat as soon as we can.

Q: How can I attend an event if I am not Vetted?

A: If you would like to attend an event, but are not vetted yet, you can follow the steps under “How do I get vetted?” Or if you are not a supporter you can complete the form on our contact page with the subject line “Event Attendance”. If you are a supporter and are interested in attending an event without getting more involved, you can complete the form Meeting Attendance Form under the My Account page once you are logged in to your supporter account.

Q: What if I don’t pass vetting?

A: We take the safety and security of our meeting attendees very seriously, and therefore we require that all Supporters attending in-person events must pass a minimal level of vetting. If you do not pass vetting but still agree with and support the mission of the NJP, you can still support us without attending our meetings. You can still receive your Supporter Badge if you contribute for a full year, as long as you are willing to provide an address where we can mail it.

Q: What if I only pay to be a Supporter for less than a full year? Will I still get a Supporter Badge?

A: The White, Red, Black and Chairman’s Supporter Badges are issued every calendar year and are only for those Supporters who contribute for the full year. If you contribute less than a full year, you will still get all the benefits of being a Supporter of the NJP, including discounted entry to meetings and events, you will just not get the badge for that year.

Q: What if I contribute for a full calendar year but I am unable to make it to a meeting, or I do not wish to attend meetings? Will I still be able to get my Supporter Badge for that year?

A: Yes, you can still receive your Supporter Badge if you contribute for a full year, as long as you are willing to provide an address where we can mail it. Send us a message via our contact page with the id number on your membership card (not your order number or subscription number) and “Shipping Request” in the subject line. If you do not wish to provide your address in an online form, we can arrange to chat with you over a secure app. You can access your membership card from your account page.

Q: Can I sign up to be a Supporter at a meeting?

A:Yes, we will be signing up new Supporters at every mass meeting of the NJP.

Q: Why is the National Justice Party organized as an LLC rather than as a nonprofit organization, or a registered political party with the FEC?

A: The purpose of our organization at this time to build public support, organize large in-person gatherings, and drive our narratives through activism and propaganda. At this time we are organized as an LLC for reasons of compliance. Nonprofit organizations are subject to an onerous amount of regulations and red tape, and are also limited or prohibited from participating in politics in certain ways in the United States. Understanding that our political views make us the target of malicious regulators in the federal government, we limit our exposure to harassment and protect the privacy and security of our supporters by operating as a private company. Registering with election officials will only become necessary once we determine we have enough resources and popular support to successfully contest elections.